April 26, 2011

ZERO MENTALITY "Nicht mehr" T-Shirt

Further info: https://www.facebook.com/zeromentalityrulesok

This is another Shirt-Design I did.

It should be common knowledge, that I spent quite a long time with the guys in ZERO MENTALITY selling their merch. It was kinda natural to come up with one idea or the other, although the creative forces in the band were always very strong - and, thank God, remain...

In the artist department, very much everything is taken care of by singer, Mr. Benjamin Fink. If you are familiar with his art and want to check out what he is up to, go check his tattoing blog:

ZERO MENTALITY have had a vast mixture of designs, and I share no secret that I am not a big fan of all of 'em.
But with my experiences from the counter/table, I could usually predict which one would be a seller - even if I did think it was a ridiculous joke. But nothing of that came into this work - it was just an idea of a moment and a little bit of fooling around with Bitmap-handling of Adobe Photoshop™.

The design shown above got abit altered by Fink. It became the accompanying Merchandise to one of the bands' biggest hits - and to this day I guess that'll be a floor-filler. "Nicht mehr" sprung from the bands early phase, which landed them alot of their fan-basis - and I am pretty sure that song has alot to do with that. I was quite honored to be lumped into that...

AND BY THE WAY: I have a spare one up on eBay, also another goodie of ZERO MENTALITY

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