December 20, 2010

INTEGRITY, Mönchengladbach, Rock Babylon (ca.1992)

This is it! The holy trinity is completed - yep, there is no better way to end up this first round of photo-sets with the most important band. Damn right, everybody who knows me should be aware of the fact, that if there is only one band to choose from for me: it's INTEGRITY

CRO-MAGS and NEUROSIS both did and do have alot of impact not only on my musical taste but as a somehow guiding line through emotions, thoughts and inner reflection.

But when INTEGRITY hit the shores, I got it all in one place. And more. There is this vast vvasteland of topics and feelings that is touched and offered by INTEGRITY. It ranges from simple "animal rights/hunters are weak" to the political in "Armenian Persecution" to in-depth hatred and fear analysis. There are demons, enemies and..."YOU MOOOOTHERFUCKERS".
There is Holy Terror, there is strangeness, there is something beyond - and there is alot of fun, simple, raw attitude. Music-wise, no one could be more to blame for the "Metal-Core"-Tag so overused in the 2000s.
M.A.N., was I awaiting the "Those who fear tomorrow" from Overkill back then, and it was no let-down, but to this day the ONE album that has been played the most out of every single music piece I own...

Yes, this is total Fanboy, and yes, I am aware about alot of rumors and shittalking and stuff - but what better way to respond when it comes to INTEGRITY:
"I don't care for your little world, this is MINE, and always will be!"

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