June 24, 2011

LEBENSREFORM - the spazztic Megamix

Sumthin' off-track...kinda
I fooled around with some tracks and art pieces by my former band, and with alot of others' work. Won't tell you that I am a musical genius, nor that I am a talented RMXer... Just did that, and you can have it.

Cannot even remember which software I used. I had a semi-legal copy of Pro-Tools back then, and got to work with that for some projects, but this is more likely to be done by some freeware that I wanted to test.

This is NOT and will never be part of the official LEBENSREFORM legacy, so this is going to be exclusive to this blog - and anyone who wants to share.

Take it!

LEBENSREFORM - the spazztic Megamix

June 12, 2011

ZERO MENTALITY the »invite your soul« - Tour, 2007

Further info: https://www.facebook.com/zeromentalityrulesok

Here is another installment of the MySpace-import, and another one by ZERO MENTALITY. There never can be enough. Very lengthy - I hope I can come up with enough pictoresquees...

touring w/ the angels

*by Sven a.k.a. Gonzo, the Merch-Man

First and for all, if you came here to expect a full insight on what we did on the shows, and how the shows were in specific: try to ask someone else. this is about me & the boys having something to do - something a man must do, …ahem, maybe that's just about something that was done to us and what happened next. be careful: might include some actual information. What the fuck, sounds like the cheesy editorial to a 1990s HC-fanzine ...hum, maybe that's why this is it: MY SHIT

  I am just sitting here at Marcel (drums) computer, and waiting for my midnite feast. what a perfect time to get things going. we will be off early tomorrow morning, to celebrate the joys of highway driving all the way down to Vienna. I am really looking forward to that, since I fancy that town alot. Only been there twice my life, but there was an instant love for the language, some of its' inhabitants (guess which one), and especially most of the food you'll get down there. so, food by food, we'll gonna be in the soon infamous "invite your soul"-tour
  The most interesting thing about the whole thing is, that »invite your soul«-tour has already taken shape. it has been a very family-friendly version of a tour so far. with some new found love (vanish with a rose, anyone?) on behalf of some of these comrades, we could do nothing better than that.

I spare you details about the two release shows, there was already alot of talk about those all around the internet. and to be honest: I only catched one - and well, it had some lovely people coming in, and some even more lovely money changed for items that crossed my tables.
next on was the show at Germany's epitome of culture, in Weimar. so we decided to make it a whole fucking history&literature day. famous quotes like "'tschuldigän siee, sind 'se SODOM fans" marked our way to the Lutherian Wartburg (some of you Hotrod-fanatics out there might know the car by the same name).
German Classics -
except the cigarette
 Later on we tried sips of Goethe, Schiller, the Bauhaus (no dead Bela Lugosi around), and missed Nietzsche. But the ZERO MENTALITY-boys did for sure hit the crowd that night at the right spot, and not only because there was SOMETHING INSIDE before going on. two pukes and alot of laughs later, we took our way back home.

The next weekend was bound to be filled (us vs. them) again, since the show in Backnang would see Z.M. play yet again with CRISIS NEVER ENDS, and to whoever reads these lines, you should be aware that there is for sure not only a musical reason those guys share a record with FINAL PRAYER. so, the story goes, and a very hormone rushed gig happend at that lovely place. not only due to stuff that was swallowed, but also because to alot of lovely sights in the way - and in the room. that might also include good friends to the band. the aftershow-party was rad, and i don't know exactly how i survided it - maybe because i left some of it already outside of the hotel. 
Up up and away to Ibbenbüren, where even the bands' youngsters were at least 8 years older than the average public. so, you'll see, i am not bullshitting when I AM SAYING "at some shows, i feel like i could be the father to 66% of the kids" - sometimes because of the age! anyway, show was intense. believe me, that was SAID & DONE (cool Dutch band, with TRUE BLUE- and CRO-MAGS-cover)! Extra props go out to the guy, who bought Merch worth 150Euro plus (exact rate is unannounced to protect the innocent)!!!
bam, bam, thank you Ma'am, and here goes a weekend I was looking forward to alot. 

I expected nothing about the crowd and the circumstances in Rotterdam, and for the first part, I was true. But even more truth lies in the beauty of WORLD COLLAPSE, and for the first time witnessing this ensemble from face to face, i was totally blown away. also, by the fact, that i could almost sing-a-long-a-lala-lala-long to all of their songs. remembering more words to this than to any of Z.M.s songs (maybe except for "nicht mehr", "alone again" and "vanish with a rose") and alot more than to my own lyrics for that yet again much recclaimed band LEBENSREFORM (check my friends, bastardz). W.C. had alot of stage presence in their acting, and I can only hope that the set of shows that is planned for Z.M.&W.C. will take shape. 
ZERO MENTALITY rocked a good and finally again tight set at the Baroeg (nice place, with top-notch sound and incredible kinda Indian food), but hardly anyone recognized. I guess almost everyone of the lost souls in fast-fuckers-trousers (I like it like that) and blingbling waited for LENGHT OF TIME playing their third reunion show. they did deliver a quality thing, spanning their whole career and giving insight into what may come. I predict that's more metal than your mom's kettle. 
After the show, we somehow ended up in Amsterdam, and did stay over (later, very much later) at the house of the fine tatoo-, piercing- & branding artist of www.lab360.nl - well, okay, that's my (ex)-wife, and she wasn't even seen in those hours, but her boyfriend, my former stepson, the devilish new kid Damien (who improved ZERO MENTALITY's singer Ben Fink's Dutch), and the two cats served a good hosting job. that night, I simply HAD to eat some fine sweets there, and that without using some smoky stuff before. Fink & bassist André were clutched to each other that night because of the load of vodka they killed before. and 6th musician Herr Göbbels (we like to call Christian, the tour-replacement for Thorsten on guitar) also joined the walking-around ranks, while leaving the second straight edger Dennis behind. to quote old NYC-gay pride GO!: "it was fun!"

The drive down to Belgium's Hooglede was not that far, and we did it before time. even enough time to have the guys trying to make fun of me with Tabascorizing my meal, without knowing I am quite much in favor of spicy stuff. to be honest, the first slice of bread was hard, but whoever survived Ring Of Fire Xtra Hotsauce like me would have made that one two. whatever, that evening was tooooo fucking long. 
We really liked the oldschool-thrashing LOSING X STREAK, and even more I was into what that LIFE OF AGONY-meets-QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE-combo called MAN'S RUIN (has former members of CONGRESS and RISE & FALL) had to offer. but with the rockin'screams of ONE FINE CAST also on the plus, everything could had been at least one hour shortend. as tiring at that evening was, the more enthusiastic and literaly shaking the crowd went to the ZERO MENTALITY-boys. yeah, I think they deserved it, giving a shit for the crowd and the shit to 'em. amazing to see almost the best reaction to my favorite parts of the band: the instrumentals. so, with the help of some very fine customers, one being from Germany, and some free beer from the CORE OF ANGER/MORDA-camp, I could live with that night very much. after listening to the LOSING STREAK, ONE FINE CAST and MAN'S RUIN recordings afterwards, I must say, those guys over there know about good stuff in any section. Support is recommended.
  The most interesting thing about the whole night is, that I had never seen so much smoke in a supposedly non-smoking environment. to me as a smoker myself, i got tears in my eyes - so I figure those times of hammering something down has gone for the Edge section at Hoogleede. but I don't complain, at least my eyes where able to witness some of the fine ladies' backs seated in front of me…

this brings us again to the very first abstract of this dittie, and I have to let you know, that I am much overtime, and fall to sudden death now! Vienna, ZERO MENTALITY is coming!
well, well, well...that night was fucking short. but i had my mind filled up with customer relation (yes,that´s special, not for your average) - somehow. but somehow i started the day i never left with a nice breakfast provided by Marcel and we soon hit off. to tell you the truth: the whole day was about driving. 10 fucking hours. alot of music and sleeping in between. some of the guys missed me hitting Bavaria almost, while listening to fresh downloaded and new revamped music by the different likes of ALAMBAMA TUNDERPUSSY, IRON SKULL (later day demo), NENEH CHERRY, ENTOMBED, ALL SHALL PERISH and a mixture of the originals to NOUVELLE VAGUE´s first album. great, how interesting you think? don´t ask "any of us" (TERROR-shout(out)) how we felt in those hours. but well, we´re in it for god´s sake, and our own will, and the very good reason to deliver quality entertainment & stuff to people who want it (sometimes they don´t even know before). 

that brings us to this night "happening" which was more than everyone involved expected. almost above 150% of people expected, and a crowd response I can only rate as "top notch for Vienna" due to my previous experiences there - and by immigrant Marc BID had to tell me later that night. ZERO MENTALITY really delivered a good set, sometimes abit letting loose of latetly found tightness - but that sound was not as solid in the "Arena" to make a really trustfull statement. indeed, the boys delivered alot of energy, for what was possible, and people seemed into it. 
I could not complain about much boredom also. i found my way of entertainment - in a liquid and a communicating way. thanks to everybody involved in that, haha. even more, people came up to me very frequently and where eager to buy the new record, and yet again, we had alot more sales during and after the set. that proves alot to me. and i can approve you: i really like to be your servant ;-) the treatment in that place and by the promoter guys was very nice and friendly also, and i must yet again state this: those people in Austria seem to know how to behave and how to approach people in a friendly way. i never get so much appreciation in this job as down here, which is only comparable to Switzerland. but somehow...
I am really almost getting a boner, when I hear this accent by a female voice. well, i was made to say, and do that with pleasure: the one Vienna-girl I like to talk to most is not living there for quite awhile. oh oh...almost forgot about the second-to-best part of the show: yummy yummy yummy food! i only wait for all the guys to fall asleep - than i will loose much weight, and all hell might break loose. damn...i am loosing my mind right here, but i am so occupied with thoughts - and that for sure is a good thing! to tell you the truth, i just asked about the first bands name, but i already forgot about it - and it won´t serve them any purpose to be mentioned here. to make it short (finally, you ask?): that show was all in all a good one, a real good one... everything worked out, and alot more than imagined happened. i am looking forward... to alot, but also in getting back here!
  The most interesting thing about the whole night was this blind guy, who really was into that whole shit. he came right before ZERO MENTALITY started and walked into the show-room. he stood all through the set next to the fucking moshpit & and had alot of fun. head-nodding, bouncing..whatever, he did it his way. and he simply did not care what was happening around him except for the energy. when somebody bumped into him, he smiled. when somebode was pushing him, he made his move back. so, i figure, to all those people who always complain and complain about how the don´t get in ther first few rows at a show (i am standing there whenever I care since my last stagedive in 1997), here is my advice: just close your eyes, go there, stay there, feel the energy, and maybe have some Stick with you for in-between pointing action! that guy was raaaad…

the night was short, but worth it. because we had an appointment with the second best thing there is in life: good food. so we headed over to the well-known Vegetasia with our lovely hosting couple. most of us really enjoyed our stay there, only two guys opted for a more meat dish.
 i guess after 2 hours and 5 plates (plus 1 with sweets), i had enough of my Sushi and delicious rice share. a coffee was needed, while André was eager to get to a record store, and I only could not withstand a sex shop - but that does not serve any purpose here. 

We soon afterwards headed for Budapest. as most bands sometime in their lifspan, also ZERO MENTALITY suffered from a borderline-syndrome. but that was really quick solved, and soon afterwards we experienced the fine thing of Do Not Understanding A Single Word. i now can totally see the alienation taking place with US-bands touring over here for couple of weeks. anyway, and on our way, there was for sure yet again the most played record of this tour blasting the stereo, and i can only recommend everyone to play out TYPE-O-NEGATIVEs "dead again" very fucking loud for at least three times in a row. we passed awesome places like Tatabanya (kowabunga?), and rolled into the very busy city of Budapest after a sunny trip. Crossing the river there and watching the great sights while doing so, we drove up right in front of the club. the Süss Fell Nap was surely the place where this show should find it's Zoli-dified outcome. and he did a real good job with that, with a estimated number of 300 people attending. the place was a real nice wine-cellar-like club, and there was for sure a lot of disco getting on that night. it's only sad, that nobody seemed to care for the discography of bands like Z.M., FALLEN INTO ASHES and EMBERS. but in a way, that is cool. 
But that night was maybe abit to much in a SLIME-described - " Samstag Nacht - Discozeit. Girls girls girls zum Ficken bereit.Eltern überall in großer Not". funny, on how much you get touched there, by thinking you won't get recognized in the hours before. but who am i to not like that - but since the show ended late, we had to get up early, and most of us are with fine girls at home, we opted for the bed zone very quickly. but to tell you the truth, we enjoyed, at least Chris and I very much, the joys of the Gym Nasties at the local Hustler TV screening. the other strange thing about the show was, that the No Smoking-signs were yet again not much taken for granted. well, at least, i guess, nobody did not even to care about wearing a Tuxedo, so maybe i am wrong. nothing of that really made this show not a well-received one, only the fact that it was hard to get booze when the backstage bar is literally backstage, haha. the sound was really good there, alot of people moved their asses, and when the HARDCORE JUKEBOX with Zoli and the guys were on stage, I had my singing moments in the back. A firestorm to entertain. all in all, you can say: Budapest was a good thing, only abit different.
The most interesting thing about the whole show was that among all those people there, suddenly there was a BOMBENALARM around.

after some real quick sleep, we were about to face the most inconvenient part of touring: long fucking drives. but we did it, and i spare you musical advise this time. everything was more or less tunneled anyways. when we hit for the show at the Kulturpalast in Wiesbaden, we all were pretty much on a downer. me especially, since i discovered that for this one time, we came later than BLACK FRIDAY'29, so this time David got to hang all of the stuff properly, and i had to kinda arrange with things. but that worked, and being around there, letting the impressions, the liquid, the guys&girls, and soon afterwards the money drop in, everyone seemed to get back to an high time life. it was promoters Jamba birthday celebration also, and he did a very good job with it.
not only for the show itself, but even more for the aftershow party - the booze, the music, and else. NOTHING DONE opened as a live act, and their Old School was very much solid, which were the DJ's actions on the other hand in between and afterwards. people were all about partying that night, and by witnessing BF'29 crank out a much rocked on set i can only tell you how happy i am to be able to be around those things. in a perfect world, there was no better thing than DIE KASSIERERs "blumenkohl am pillermann" from the boxes right before the ZERO-boys hit the stage. the place was packed, and from what i have seen, and heard, this set was soooooooooooo fucking amazing with everything. the audience went crazy - and ZERO MENTALITY were as nasty as they wanna be. as was the aftershow-party, which was a total blast - and some cool chitchats which whoever deserved the attention. well, some of 'em didn't even think so, maybe, haha. Shouts go out to that woman, who had to leave because of her work the other day. Fine way to end a night with a Jack Daniels in your hand...
 The most interesting thing about the whole night was that there was no better way to describe it than in those words of Peter Steele "I can't believe I died last night". But after some loading, a solid breakfast (only the two girls really should have brought the coffee, hehe), a beer, and a warm "thank you" to Mario JAMBA, all of us were in a really smiling mood and happy to have done that... or didn't, whatever, haha.

after a somewhat more or less simple sleep over at home, we got back into touring mood, with losing it abit in between somehow. i was looking forward to gettin' back to Hamburg. you know, i had my share there - and with that also being part in promoting and setting up shows i knew it's going to be  a tough night for ZERO MENTALITY. they even knew it, so in someway, i could not really answer the question a real cute girl asked me afterwards: "why even bothering going there?".
Okay, i try to have it like that: nice people at the Hafenklang-Exil, with a good sense of humor. extraordinary food, which really helped to lay the foundation for the real good beer, Astra of course, i was about to swallow. the actual venue is much nicer then the "real" Hafenklang used to be, in terms of size and stage and comfort. but as you might have figured before: too fucking big!!! when the nice cute little guys from MAKE IT COUNT started things off in the music area, they were glad to have some friends that made it, Count (Duckula)!!! a handful out of those 42 attendants really tried to have their fun, and gave the impression that the tight set of Berliners could be very entertaining - somewhere else.
i kept myself busy with talking to my oldest Hamburg relation Dania, and finally got to met again LEBENSREFORM-guitar hero Mr.Wehrmacht after all those years. a founding member of JUST WENT BLACK also found his way, while ex-roommate Sven Just Went Sweden.
whatever...whenever...ZERO MENTALITY tried to overcome illness, tiredness and spitted their way all through a nice set of rockers that inspired for beer showers and rumpelpogo. so, you'll figure, we had to focus on the walk to the Reeperbahn with those that still were in shape. i bought some bondage gear, and we dropped by Beat Club for two Mexicans and entered Cobra Bar for discovering André fingerfooding some fish-dish. he told us that the Magican brought it, and we took all the other stuff of leftover crack to feed the leftovers in Exil. a cosy nite later, i walked the sun and met some peeps again... you know, the usual Hartz IV-routine. talking about kids & school with TOMTE-drummer Timo, having a Portugese coffee, sitting in front of a Mall and barking at people...life in the street, it ain't easy, brother!
 The most interesting thing about the whole morning was that we where sitting right across the street from Porns Kitchen, and guess what they served: sandwiches & white juice...yes, sure, that's why you go to Hamburg!

whoever wanted to be daylight in my eyes did a good job afterwards on the way down to Nürnberg. i did all the driving like i was somehow addicted to it. really fell somehow in a trance while being Dead Again, but only two songs short of finishing that trip, Fink ruined it by starting to talk. i don't blame him, at least he does not let his voice untrained in a way. we drove up the Roten Salon at the Z-Bau only ten minutes after MAKE IT COUNT, and i had to set up quick in that nice red (funny, he)  room, because people already dropped in. with a slow beginning, that night really was a big seller. props go out to the Lady, who bought all the essential, and even more! those words she used really should be an advice to all you peeps, haha: "of course I buy all the stuff - that's why I go to work!".  yep, yep...

MAKE IT COUNT really proved to be an energy force and with the help of the slowly nutty going crowd they put on a real impressive powerhouse of set! people where crawling and jumping on each other all through the set, they two-stepped, they hit the walls, they sang along, they...even ruined my setup at the table. but the setup is a split - so i flip over to ZERO MENTALITY, and reactions where nothing but the same. for sure the guys literally rocked more, even delivering my favorite "past regrets & future fears".really really really impressive show, for everybody involved. i guess, it was one of the five best of all those i am with the guys. and with one of the other four being in Wiesbaden, i can only say: Invite Your Soul inflammed mine!
The most interesting thing about the night was, that there seems to be an undying love for handbags out there. every band should do some, and maybe there should be a contest of the best styles. we should really thing about fancy once. leather, fake-leather, with zips, four-colored, glowing in the dark...whatever! i wanna see that! GO!

my advice to anyone: never trust your Navigation-system if you are out for the shows in Nordhausen. but, as we already knew before, it is definitely worth going there, so we expected an awesome show after that run althrough the outskirts of Thuringia. driving all up and the way down of the Kyffhäuser was a interesting thing to to. my muscles got flexed alot in all those curves. muscles & curves - yep, somehow that's Nordhausen, haha. i had a just-in-time delivery of ZERO MENTALITY on a sunny day, and all of us were in a top-notch mood. the weather was sunny, and my jukebox-cd was randomly doing a good job right before the inevitable.
going into the dark-room at the Fischbüchse luckily gave us enoght time to refill the piles of stuff we sold already, and i had quite enough left for the setup between this awesome lineup of THE REALNESS, MYRA, TEAMILLER, NO TURNING BACK and BLACK FRIDAY'29. people came in early, and everything was packed pretty soon before the locals hit the stage. as mush as i really like those people from Nordhausen, i only was finding myself abit not-that-touched by the live-sound of THE REALNESS, which maybe also true because of the sound itself in the back where the merch was located. i liked the demo better, that was handed to me, and it shows there is much room to be floorfilling rocker in the future of this young band.
that really is much about it, as far as bands goes this night, i got to catch and remember, because there was so much more focus and just chatting, selling and celebrating the nite. ZERO MENTALITY got an awesome crwod-reaction and from what I heard, so did the other bands. all a really up-in-the-air show, with the only letdown of the not-happening after-show party! even the booze that the most cute local girl (and that's a good job to do) brought to celebrate that was left untouched.
 The most interesting thing about the event was, that we yet again found ourselves in Christoph's flat. even that being another one, there was a feeling of being at home somehow. just staying there and watching some tv, hanging around, and meeting him and all the guys & gals there is a  blast. if there is one place where you can say you feel around friends on tour / at shows, that's Nordhausen.

and this also was true for the upcoming night. even if that only happened out of bad luck (on the first hand). the promoter of the Leipzig show had to cancel that whole thing because he had trouble with the local authorities the night before. never experienced this whole Easter-thing in that way. but since we came to learn that there was not much to expect for that show, we were not that much letdown by that. it only sucks that it happenend right at the same morning, and that we did not got the proposed money which of course would help touring.
we discovered that there might be a chance to hop on another show. and since Hannover was also on our way back somehow, it would not be real hard to just get there even if ZERO MENTALITY and BLACK FRIDAY did not get paid. Björn and Fink could fix that deal somehow, so that we had to leave after we saw Nobody smashing some dudes. we had to be at the Bei Chez Heinz at 17-00, and there would be a big chance to be part of the MERAUDER, ENEMY GROUND and (yet again) MAKE IT COUNT show there. only the other bands had to agree on that. with being around MAKE IT COUNT on now 2/3rds of their tour, they for sure agreed. ENEMY GROUND are GSR-labelmates and it would have been strange if they rejected. and as far as MERAUDER goes, I guess they did not even recognized that the lineup was extended for that night. so, everything seemed to work out fine.
but as we drove upfront the venue, we saw the Police just leaving, and got informed that they pushed that new Easter-feel to the promoter. which means: show could only start after midnite, so that would be horrible long night. i instantly thought, if i would be in MERAUDER, i would like to have the band i tour with play before me, than MERAUDER, than the other bands - and that's how it was done. the promoter discovered that every year before they had shows at Easter-friday without that problem, but what can you do when your state is finally run by a party with a supposedly Christian background. i don't see that true in their politics in any other field, but whatever... doors were supposed to open at 20-00 anyway, with a happy-hour in between to make people stay. so i decide to setup in time, and got myself the one or other coffee. next to me was this girl Kitti with a promotion-job for Peta2, and she reaaaalllyyyy kept me awake also that night. there was alot of going on between us...talking, i mean! i always tend to say "people at shows could be my children", but having my first sexual intercourse with 19: she could be for real! funny, funny - the whole thing. finally, midnight. after 7 hours of already being at the club. ENEMY GROUND started off with yet another HipHopish intro, and all the baggy-pants with not memorable faces really seemed to be into hitting each other hard to that tough-guy anthems. some even left before MERAUDER started, it seemed, when they finally hit the stage. some in our company, and those with MAKE IT COUNT, killed the night and Vodka and Schnaps, to witness the legendary New York band, and made it happen with the rest of the crowd of estimated 200people. that's killer, master! but somehow, the sound was the worst during their set, don't know why.
 The most interesting thing about the night was, that people actually had the stamina to really stay and celebrate the sets of MAKE IT COUNT, ZERO MENTALITY and BLACK FRIDAY'29. all three where really still moving events and it made this whole thing really worth being part of. 

at 5 in the morning, BF and ZM vans started riding to Ibbenbüren do colleagues David parent's house. BF even picked up a kitten to take with, and right after sunset we laid our heads to rest in the cellar. silly me, locked myself into the garage after a phone-call after i got up at noon, but since Dennis' mobile was not occupied for one time (i guess that must have been my lucky 5 minutes on this tour), i was able to get into the shower pretty soon.
Black Friday had to play a set at the Let It Ride-Festival that afternoon, and we had to take Dennis to the Z.M. show in Hagen at the very same night. So, we drove up to the Scheune, and everything seemed more like a gathering of people with some music in between. which was fine with me, since my interest that afternoon was much more on the Bundesliga. but i also got to meet alot of people, with alot of them being part of the past trips of this tour. and some, like my ex-roommate Sven from JUST WENT BLACK, those of being missed at those. so, that appearance at this festival was in the words of Micha, when he and lovely Julia showed up, to me being around "endlich normale Leute". time ran by quick, and ZERO MENTALITY ran on stage for a set of three songs during BLACK FRIDAY's show. people started moving fast, but pretty much soon dropped out again, and I wonder how the rest of that festival was in that field.
Z.M. @ LetItRide-Festival.
Photo by Face the Show:
to be honest, i would have rather stayed there to watch WORLD COLLAPSE alienating people, and go to Hagen and feel myself alienated amongst the crowd there. but you just can't help it sometime. when we finally got to Hagen, doors already were about to open, and among the not so well-numbered crowd there was a big amount of brothers, girlsfriends, and friends of girlfriends to ZERO MENTALITY. on a sad note, Christian Goebbels had to leave the place early, but there was this blonde guy, who said that he plays in this band too. ah...wait...that's Thorsten...with hair shortened! so, in his home town, he hopped on in on this trip - and at the end of the night at least his alcohol consume was really as much Invite your Soul-tour as everybody came to know, haha. i really did not care to much about the other bands playing that night, and instead rather talked to members of GUNNED DOWN, who would be part of the next show. but most through the night, I had the honor of now facing the frontside of the one German girl that came all the way to Hooglede aeons before. she really shows ZERO MENTALITY support, and helps out their Merchguy to have a good time. Good night, just for that!
 The most interesting thing about the show was, that i actually catched the guys playing at the front row. after overcoming a shake-her-bumbum-attack by André's girlfriend, i had two singalong moments for "Urban Sins" (which is my live favorite right now, with "Past Regrets And Future Fears" not being played for most of the time) and got to spit for one time at Fink. did anyone recognize, those guy's spit on stage? haha...

the night was short, but worth it, and i had a very tired day. but i enjoyed the usual Easter feast at home. Dennis and I took our loved one's with us in my dad's BMW, and the only sad thing about it, that i drove up right after GUNNED DOWN played, so i missed that. there was yet again too many bands on the bill that night, so it took alot of cheekiness to wait until i finally got to bet after this leg of the tour. and i promise you, there was not sleep scheduled for that on this night. anyway, i guess out of the other bands, MAKE IT COUNT and DEATH NOT GLAMOROUS deserve a mentioning here, but i really decided to move not that much. people in the audience did, but it could have been more of those. i really enjoyed talking this night again, with people like the infamous porn-dealer Kerner and PER KORO's Markus, about the burden of older folks life,haha. BLACK FRIDAY and Z.M. really did some tight sets, and you could see that playing night by night really helps that. people seemed into it!
 The most interesting thing about the end of this extended part of the tour was, that something (lalala) made me drive back home from Bielefeld to Lünen, first, in only 40 minutes time. Amazing!!!
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