April 11, 2011

BLACK FRIDAY'29 - »all you can P-eat! «

Kids, there used to be this thing called MySpace - it's shit, therefore we got this Blog-entry up again here.
Peeps, there used to be this band called BLACK FRIDAY' 29 - they were great!
Comrades, there is the Pete - he's awesome!
Friends, Romans, Countrymen - this one is originally from 2006.
To put in the words of the late J.N. Klopp: ENJOY!!!

"First and for all, if you came here to expect a full-on praise on the aforementioned band - you came to the wrong place. This is just about me and how I liked being there to burry a time.What the fuck, sounds like the cheesy editorial to a 1990s HC-fanzine ...hum, maybe that's why this is it: MY SHIT

I did dress up for that show in a way that would honour this special event, and even more would honour a friend and what he had achieved: Black suit, black shirt, black underwear. Okay, in this case, I might have rather worn that on a pizza-night-out. And to be honest, into being there, it appeared that Mr.Vegas and I where the only fools who believed in this dress-code.
But, hey, we honestly do belive it in many ways - and if you ever would wanna rent us: (555) S-U-I-T-S-Y-O-U!
The most interesting thing about the whole night is that there most notably was a kinda impression left on some female encounters. That was known to a Dressman - but sometimes you tend to forget those kinda things are also very common among those specific girls you catch in the all-T-shirts/jeans/sport-suits gathering of males. I used to know that, but hey, since I don't wanna be part of what I once used to sing for (and never intended with that to be at) I never tested that again. But okay, I got offers... and might not be ashamed to take advantage of that, haha. 

The downside of all was the unbelievable HELL that once used to be fresh & cool air - before people entered the club. This made me wanna hang out with the funny guys in the back, right next to the entrance. I even discovered, that opening and closing doors kinda is a fun thing to do. Why not make it a living? I guess, I am just not concentrated enough - I always looked out for this one girl (or the other). At some point, and some beer into the show, the music started out with PortuGeese RicarGO! (see past Blogs) and his mates in an somehow New York Hardway. Didn't they even do a CRO-MAGS dittie? At least they did awfully lot more to me then on CD, and provided a good start into the night. Next up was JUSTICE, and there was not justice, just us… You get the picture, I guess. Me myself and I already were caught up in a on-and-going conversation with a special one, that has offered me a ride (okay, i asked for) - and i kinda missed some things around me. 

But right with THE MAIN EVENT, i was back on track and found black dress-companion Jens again, and we made a matching pair-of sweats alongside the stage. It took many by surprise, that actually not BLACK FRIDAY started out the shit, but it was hell-in-a-cellar with self-proclaimed »best band of the world« (and this time not the one with Bela, Rod & Farin): the almighty DEATH OR GLORY. For sure, no one could drag Witti off his American Seats & Sofas, but with Fink Z.M. taking over the vocals, the whole thing wasn't for sure not a single ounce less exceptionally great! Pizzas got thrown all over the place - what would be more appropiate for a night with Pete than that?! After that, the BF delivered an amazing set with alot of energy, easily one of their best in that category - even though Mics were broken, sweat was running in floods and no obvious blood was given. It all made you miss Pete on stage for the big time even more. We just can hope, he will take over once in awhile and just do the other thing he can do best: impress people! BLACK FRIDAY'29 will never be the same without him - not getting worse, but just different. Or, as Jogges wrote on the prepared sign-on poster: »I love you!« (and wouldn't it be Jogges, the one guy that seems to know every single female in the room, I might have been suspicious here - although I myself rated Pete's tits superior to that of a cute girl (honestly just to provoke her, haha))
The rest of the fest, I was not that much into the music anymore. Although I had alot of sympathy for REJUVENATE before, but seeing Kid Lynch playing for them, I knew to expect something more comical than breath-taking. Okay, much respect to their past efforts, and especially Tommy Rats list of bands to sing for, but I was much surprised how much nervous a guy with that status can be on stage. So, it became obvious that the cover of the TRIP 6-tune from »The Way it is« was the highlight of their set. With MENTAL, I just started out to really take them serious by their latest record, but I kinda was not ready to take this small step for mankind, on Planet Mental - I had too much talks with Olli about the city we both hate to love - somehow. Eight or Nine beers into the night (hey, I am jobless again) it was time to wrap it all up and go with the aforementioned nice young lady.

Tamil food -
Dortmund style
The most interesting thing about the whole night is that she had the honour of driving the well-dressed guys of the evening back to Dortmund - and surprisingly fitting, we rolled out with a Limo. Due to her work schedule, we could not offer her as much free drinks at the place she left us on the streets of the city that ever sleeps as we would have liked to. But well, I am thankful for her passion nevertheless… haha - don't get the wrong picture, beloved reader!
Jens VEGAS and I had a sip or two with that actor-guy Jens settled with (you know, actor, like in bartender!), and made appointment for the best Tamil lunch in town. We had soooo much food there the next noon. Sooooo much, Pete would have been proud! As we have been of him, the other night…

PS: Names of protagonists left out here for one reason: to protect the innocent!!!"

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