April 11, 2011

An Evening with JAYLAN - »who's the devil inside?«

I will be finishing my MySpace-import in the very next time, since it's practically useless anyway to have that blog-entries buried there...

Here is one from 2006, about a band that's an Underground darling but unfortunately never got the success they should have. I still love the guys...and the music:

"First and for all, if you came here to expect a full on throttle show-review of an evening with lotsa going on and stuff - you came to the wrong place. This is just about me and how I felt about seeing those guys on stage in a particular place. What the fuck, sounds like a 1990s cheesy fanzine-editorial ...hum, maybe that's why this is it: MY SHIT

I did not intended to go to this show, because with like 80% of shows nowadays I simply did not know that is was happening this night. Or happening at all. With this particular show: was there something happening at all? What Eva (is concerned), I sat in this Tamil run internet-café just around the corner and was ready to cause some happy faces as my partner-in-crime and evil-twin Cobralalala ask me if I gonna come to this show in a place I saw so many good shows when I was a young kid ready to experience Hardcore. Damn, you know, that is right one week after the last world war or some wednesday after the middle-ages. But more specific on that later. It turned out I did turn out to be there right in time before the first band played. I grabbed the money from my latest pusher deals and paid my fee to keep things rolling.

The »Zwischenfall« in beloved Bochum has a bigger stage and a mid-sized concert hall upstairs which could usually fit... well, more than at least 10x more people that actually showed up. This show, it even became apparent that the Ruhrpott has lost some of its dignity and everything that keeps a scene moving apart from caring about your own bunch-a-holics. I.E. the dirty dozens left right after the first band got of the stage and on were JAYLAN, ghetto-metal from Berlin. Okay, maybe they lost some attraction somehow along the way, but the question is whatfor? It's just that I type this now that I try to make up my mind about it - at the show I was more than happy that David Speed (J.-drummer) recognized me after some seconds of bulldozer-facing. Is it my nose, my eyebrow... you'll never know, since we did not met in the shower. Anyway, also had some delightful career-talks with buddy Jens Vegas over our soon to become HC-frats-do-Rockabilly-Allstar-Band...and on goes the night.

This is stolen from MySpace
and shows Mike WAR sporting
an infamous brand.
I recommend, follow the link:
 Surprise, Sürprise, Sürprize - it got me going off with »Mike War, please come on stage« - HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Mike "mentally insane but nice" War and David Speed playing at the »Zwischenfall« and me being among the dedicated crowd of four handful - has there been 15, fifteen, F-I-F-T-E-E-N, XV, years between that? Nod your had, tap your toe, sport your Revelation-Shirt - anything changed was: no fingerpointing, better music(ians) and the vocals now being split between members and lyrics acutally DO make sense in hopefully 15 more years from now. And yes, of coooooooooooourse, ever been to a Hardcore/Metal-show that had 3/5 of the audience being female and still there is enough being macho about it? There you go, all of this being about private parts - you know, that's my territory. And Mike actually refused to get his shaken. but what can you expect yourself from a guy who describes himself as a guy who just retired from retirement and stopped doing oil-paintings and cycling for being part of this... And, gosh, Speed ist still - SPEED
  The most interesting thing about the whole night is, that the new versions of the songs I liked so much and now became to dislike worked out real fine at this setting. Maybe they can continue with two vocalist, find another decent guitar player that gives ...(let's call him) Rocka more room to breath his way of soulfool tunes into the 50s Mic - and there you go: JAYLAN - Ghetto Metal, better than it ever was. Or, as David puts it: »I don't need to play anymore A.F. and other HC-shit-shows...been there before«. It's rough - but it's fair."

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