April 5, 2011


In order to honor the latest installment over at DOUBLE CROSS, I decided to bring back the glory of this visual reminder of good times past.
The video used to be seen on my MySpace-account, or maybe still is - but who cares these days. So I uploaded it to YouTube.

DRIFT, which remain one of the best HC-bands to ever come out of Europe, were allegedly playing their very last show. This cover version of ALONE IN A CROWD's crucial "Is anybody there?" had its' premiere fois at the infamous DEATH OR GLORY/BLACK FRIDAY '29-Demo release show. And was also fine then.
At the Julius-Leber-Haus in Essen, it even was abit more special - I think you can guess by the crowd reactions. At one time in the second verse, I simply didn't care to sing the rest of the song - because I was already so hyped up and made my point here. It was simply amazing and watching it again makes me warm-heartly think of those great shows at this place at this time.
I already was into Hardcore for about 15years, and still felt energy, the movement, the passion, the joy & the sweat of it all...

And, even if I am not what might be called "around" that much, I still feel it...
No better way to show you one part of the ' why '

The full set can be found here:
Drift - Final Show, 27.09.2002, Julius Leber Haus

And here is IT:
Alone In A Crowd - Is Anybody There?

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