May 6, 2011

Twitter Live Show Transmission - RISE & FALL, IRON AGE, AMEN RA, KINGDOM

This one is odd... it's something I planned to do more regularly afterwards: live tweeting from shows. But ever since then, I did not really visit more than a handful of gigs, and was busy either singing along (CRO-MAGS) or socializing (i.e. do not care too much for the bands). On the other hand, I missed a whole fucking lot (well, at least another handful) of shows and events due to me being at work.
I hope, I can continue doing these sometime, because it was alot of fun, and reading these tweets right now make me totally recall the sentiments and power of that night. More people should do something like this - if I ever get back in doing merch that would be a perfect thing to kill time and make it a time to remember!
So, hell yeah, it's tweets - don't expect too many details, but I hope you can catch some of the action:

DISCLAIMER: I reversed the timeline, of course

Only like 30+ people... Cozy nite
22 Nov. 09

Kingdom* on now... Black Sabbath-mosh-core... Good musicianship, vocals strong, but both lacking the convincing tidbit. Anyway, good band

Amen Ra... Really looking forward to this set... The smell of "weihrauch" fills the room... What is the english word for it?

Amen Ra - best thing Neurosis since "enemy of the sun"... They got all it needs, even the high pitched vocals don't disturb here

Amen Ra... I bought a shirt... The last time i did was years ago - and by Rise And Fall...the circle is vicious

Iron Age is up now... Resembling the late Mike Cheese since he is called Apocalypse and Nola-like in Eyehategod... Great stuff aussi!

Iron Age... More southern-breed Gehenna than your mom's crotch... Awesome

So now... Rise And Fall, finishing off a line-up including three of the best Fucking live bands

Rise And Fall... No hostages made... Taking the place by storm from the very minute...

Rise And Fall... It's amazing how much "bottom feeder" always channels all my rage and emotions

Rise And Fall... "in circles"- easily among the best songs to come out this year, to say the least

Rise And Fall... Leaving this place with nothing but pure energy...
Transmission ends here...
Thank you... Good night


*this band KINGDOM has nothing to do with the AMEN RA-sideproject, but was a Cologne band. 
  If you wanna check, here is their Testamentum 

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