March 23, 2011


For those of you who don't know, LINSAY was a great HC band out of Hamburg, Germany. They existed during the prime of the so-called Northcore scene, and not only shared members with LEBENSREFORM, LOXIRAN and KINDLE, but also the same practice space.
This is a sticker of the other
best LINSAY-layout I did.
That'll be up here soon...

LINSAY's voice, Niels Abele, was the original bassist of LEBENSREFORM. Jan Elbeshausen sort of that bands always apparent stand-in, and later active in MARR or THE DANCE INC. Olli Koch is known for being in LOXIRAN, ENFOLD and TOMTE. Jochen Sch├╝tt was in MARKER-X-SYNDROME and KINDLE. As was Lars Lewerenz, also known as "das AUDIOLITH".

I lived, loved, and laughed with most of these guys for one of the finest times in my life. I also did quite some layout stuff for them, from demo to 7" to splits with ENFOLD and COLE QUINTETT.

Usually, it was a "how to get these ideas to reality"-job. That means: LINSAYs members came up with quite a good amount of ideas, and had a vision about their stuff and how it should be digested.
Especially the last thing worked kinda perfect, as far as I am concerned.

One of the best things from this creative arrangement is the T-Shirt, which I think was their only one. Even if that was not much of a work of mine, I really like the way it came about (creative, spontaneous and quick).

I still wear this shirt with pride, it just could be at least of one size smaller these days.

We are not living the 90s anymore (fun intended)...
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