May 8, 2011

LINSAY killed ENFOLD, Split-7" Layout

I indicated before that you'll be able to see this - if you don't happen to have the actual record.

The layout for the "LINSAY killed ENFOLD"-split 7" is one of those things I am most proud of. From a technical point of view, I do and did see alot of things that could have been done better. But with the lame-ass equipment, and the amateur-arse experience I had back then - it's a nice effort.

The whole concept was a LINSAY-thing, I guess only Stefan Sandrock from ENFOLD was kinda involved, if I remember that one right. But I guess, he only had to nod his head to what Jochen and Jan had proposed.
Enfold are...
Anyway, I really like this theme, and came up for the most part with the handcraft.
How to put the visuals, which font, what to fold, who's to blame... It all was supposed to be abit slicker than average, quality stuff - Markus Haas of PER KORO Records always was supportive if a band choose a special kind of paper / cartonage. Remembering the reviews for the record: it all worked out fine.

I don't thing that the lyrics and music very much are reflected in the artwork, but at least they were also great. I might even want to listen to the songs right after posting - who'd expect this!

Here is a PDF with an overview of the whole deal.

A negative LINSAY

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