July 28, 2011

A homemade ZERO MENTALITY video - "Too Late"

These were Coptic Times...
Further info: https://www.facebook.com/zeromentalityrulesok

My friends in ZERO MENTALITY are a powerful unit with talented musicians allthrough their existence. There was alot of fuzz about them, when they started out, and I was lucky to get introduced early on by my friend Dominik Stammen - and joined their ranks soon afterwards.

This video shows them in their early installment, which remains to many the ultimate for all the Hardcore reasons. If you'll ask me, I'll rather go for the »Invite your soul«-days, but I am for sure also a sucker for alot of stuff from the demo or the first album.

One day, I decided to compose myelf a little HC-Videoclip DVD and was very eager to include ZERO MENTALITY. There was no official video of them by that time, so I took one of my favorite early songs and stole some footage that was floating around the net. If anyone out there feels responsible for doing it and feels he/she should be mentioned, just drop me a line.

"Too late" is a very straight out HC-song, and the action in the video should make clear that in those days moshing it up was a main task for the Z.M.-audience. Many familiar faces and moves are depicted here. Really likable - just like the lyrics by the infamous André Hoppe, that also breath alot of classic HC-vibe.

As far as my editing skills go: C'moooon - it was just for personal reasons. There are some minor errors in there, even including mispelling, oops.
The video does not have any clearance by any party involved, therefore (and because of it's amateur-character) I shy away from putting it on YouTube or Vimeo. But if you want to see it, there you go:


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