June 24, 2011

LEBENSREFORM - the spazztic Megamix

Sumthin' off-track...kinda
I fooled around with some tracks and art pieces by my former band, and with alot of others' work. Won't tell you that I am a musical genius, nor that I am a talented RMXer... Just did that, and you can have it.

Cannot even remember which software I used. I had a semi-legal copy of Pro-Tools back then, and got to work with that for some projects, but this is more likely to be done by some freeware that I wanted to test.

This is NOT and will never be part of the official LEBENSREFORM legacy, so this is going to be exclusive to this blog - and anyone who wants to share.

Take it!

LEBENSREFORM - the spazztic Megamix

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