February 20, 2011

SIRENS - some layout jobs...

There was a time, where the most social thing about the web have been messageboards and their communities. It's like web 1.5, compared to these days - but it was a somehow memorable time.
A collection of the layout accompanying
the first SIRENS record, "calling".

There is a PDF a click away, but that's
just Thumbnails. Though if you don't
own the stuff (yet), you might
get an idea.
Germany had its' share with the still running "poisonfree.com"-board. You guessed it, that's somehow based in the Straight Edge*, and one of the most prominent person affiliated was and is the SxE Cobra, Daniel Gerigk. 
We developed a friendship ever since, and worked together on quite a few things (a funny ebay-store included). 
When he came up with his new band SIRENS, it was a kinda natural way for me to try and help out with some designs. That ranged from the layout for the first record, to Buttons and Shirt designs. That thing was happening in my Merchandising-prime, so I also did that on a few of the first shows. 

Most of this was just a fun thing to do. And I loved it - because actually "working" with Daniel is something that would not really be about the main topic. 

The rest of the SIRENS-camp, I knew or got to know as all around nice guys - with a mind, and a life. We shared a love for 1990s Hardcore. And if you still do, and you liked SIRENS,
I recommend you hop on over to STATIC VOID...
This is Micha Steele sporting
 a Tour-shirt of his band.

A thumb of the Design to the right ->

* The Straight Edge was not at all the main topic - oh boyee, it wasn't. And the board was a good vehicle to get to know people from all over the place that you might just have passed the other day. It even was a kinda "fuzz" thing and could be held responsible for the start of a career like  BLACK FRIDAY '29s. 

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