February 19, 2011

QUEERFISH - Capri Bar 7" & Bonus-Song

In the 1990s, it was a pretty common habit to listen to some of those great emotional records and rockin' stuff that was also part of a community that grew to be not it anymore. Does it make sense? If not, screw you...
That kinda attitude depicted, could be also indicative of my friends in Bremen-based Rock/Hardcore-outfit QUEERFISH. They made a pretty big success in their heydays to a community that also would pretty much ditch them for being one of the first 1990s act who strived to become professional - guess what, somehow peeps were right, and it did not work out. But before that, the infamous QF were a guaranteed funhouse - on stage, and at the party that seemed to be the rest of their life. At least, that's how I like to remember them - staying at their houses, traveling with them, hanging out at bars with, getting wasted, talking, partying - having fun.

Most of them are still into music these days - there is HOME OF THE LAME, there is DER HUND MARIE, and some other stuff. Drummer Philipp Styra is also notoriously known for working at the booking agency "Creative Talent". And he also made a deal with me in 1997. We worked together on their "Capri Bar"-7". The final release.
Read how that came about: "We recorded these two songs with Dirk Kusche to have something new out before we went on tour with TEXAS IS THE REASON. We have played these songs for a long time and they were supposed to be on our 2nd album - which then was recorded but never came out because we split up... Since our label Semaphore wasn't really interested to release a 7" we have asked our friend Gonzo to release the record on his label Horizons... Gonzo has been an old friend of ours and we were happy that the songs were released... At that time no one knew that this was our final release....
We called the 7" Capri Bar, which was kinda our living room and THE hang out. Hanno (RIP) the owner was a great friend of ours..."

Here is the offer:
QUEERFISH - Capri Bar 7" w/Artwork (ZIP)

01 Better Off.mp3
02 What's wrong.mp3

Now, be prepared  for a special gift
an unreleased song:
This is what has to be told from the Styra-Hauptquartier:
"Neues 9 is the last song we ever wrote and is from the recording session with Swen Meyer. We actually recorded a whole new album..."
Neues 9.mp3

I hope, you have/had as much fun with QUEERFISH as I did...

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