January 22, 2011

Show-Flyer for CATHARSIS / GEHENNA / [ LEI ]

I somehow managed to do this flyer right before LEBENSREFORM (which is basically the advertised [ LEI ] here - for those who don't know*) left on tour with the infamous GEHENNA and the epic CATHARIS.
As far as I remember, I also was able to copy that thing at my job, and left with people advised to do the dirty work...
Anyway, this is from a whole series of shows I was taking care of with other people. The "Borstelmannsweg" was the shared practice room of LEBENSREFORM, LINSAY, later LOXIRAN, KINDLE, and TOMTE. We put on a good amount of shows there, with memorable gigs by HIS HERO IS GONE, SEEIN' RED, ACHEBORN, and some more (apart from the hosting bands).

I also was kinda involved in some of the shows that Thomas Lengefeld and Taade managed to set up in the then famous "Marquee"-club in St.Pauli.
With Lars "Audiolith" Lewerenz, we also did some cool things at the "Golden Pudel Klub", plus there are some great stories that could be told from hosting bands at Lars & mine appartment in the late 1990s. All of that will be adressed later on...

Some crazyness at that show -
guitarist Mark being carried away
by the crowd - and Brian Dingledine
somehow enjoying it
For this Flyer - it's a lie. Somehow. GEHENNA never played - the circumstances of them leaving the tour might be clarified in a more elborate entry. Also, [lei] actually never really worked for LEBENSREFORM. Of course, there was a big change, but just not-being a Straigth Edge-band anymore does not change that awful lot about a set or stage-presence. In retrospect... This whole tour did alot - and the show was a real good conclusio of it.

*LEBENSREFORM changed its name to [ lei ] to stay away from possible accusations of adressing a Straight Edge-agenda when not being a full-on S.E.-band anymore. Actually, it was something I really wanted the band to do, the other people were of different opinions...
I guess, it was four people - four standpoints
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