November 21, 2010

NEUROSIS, Dortmund, FZW (ca.1992)

The first in a small series of shots (read previous entry for details WHY and WHUUUT) is a band that impressed me alot in my early HC years. I came from a kinda NYHC-vibe, but very soon simply fell for all the deep shit, that was kinda bridge to where I came from (first Metal and later on the "Alterna"-scene).
For years and years, I would have told you that "Souls at Zero" is THE perfect record, in all it's negativity, nihilism, pain and catharsis. It stood right up there with "Age of Quarrel", that taught me another lesson about the very same topic: life. Well, I only realized somewhat later, that it is none of both, which I would like to be my sole soundtrack on that infamous desert island... save that for later.
So - the pictures where taken at a place with great memories for me concerning Hardcore (which always was just a small portion of what they had there). It now has resettled to another place which I haven't been to. Before the show, maybe after, I and some of the BLURR-fanzine-Crew did an interview for said Zine, which will come up here in the future for sure. This is not much, just do what NEUROSIS can do best to you: let your mind wander! Click on a picture to see the full shot...

image image
image image

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