November 21, 2010

CRO-MAGS, Bielefeld, Kaffee Kleinkunst (ca. 1990)

The Cro-Mags...the fucking Cro-Mags. No band is more legend and gossip in the same vein as this New York powerhouse. All the different line-ups, all the different battles, all the different opinions - but nothing ever will weaken the impact, the truth and the power their "Age of Quarrel" demo and album has. If there is anything close to a HC-bible, it would be this.
In those days, Germany's most talked about Fanzine was ZAP, which presented this tour - still the ultimate one in my opinion. I was starting out to be part of that zine, I was starting out to take part in the scene - and haven't it not been for those to CRO-MAGS shows I saw back then, Bochum and Bielefeld, I wouldn't have felt that much love for it probably.
I hope you can see and feel all the energy, the sweat, the rage, that was in this room. Everybody was fighting his/her fight with the outer world in this place (name unknown, i'm old), but all were kinda friends. They/we catched Harley every time he dove off-stage whilst playing, and even JJ got caught when he climbed above all the big speakers, like 8 meters high. An awesome night, an awesome band... well, and over the course of time, i talked to most major players, mostly Harley and JJ, and they all were nice - yep, and special.
I spare you the part with JJ now (and hopefully forever) being with a very good friend of mine - which is, with all that being said, abit strange, but wonderful.

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