October 24, 2010

Advertisement for HORIZONS-Distro

This entry is no commercial break - it's history. Here we have the first offical mentioning of "Horizons", which I choose to brandmark everything I do in Hardcore. In 1989, if I remember this right, I didn't even know, there was more to come. But here it is. And what it was for many years is: a Distro.
Later on, the catalogue grew extensively. But it also got shut down - twice. The first time, due to lack of interest. The second time, because it was alot of financial trouble and killed alot of my time. I overdid it, to be quite honest. Very early on, I also did wholesale, first items being INSIGHT, EVEN SCORE and the "Only the Strong"-7" directly from Tony Brummel. Later on, started doing Scorched Records, of Ron Guardipee, with the RESOLUTION 10" and GALLEON'S LAP 12". But it was somehow Old Glory-Records, remember the East Coast-Iconoclast on Ebullition, that broke my neck. Well, I did... Whatever - it did not work out anymore, the distro, the wholesale. 
Back to the ad, the experienced reader might recognize the comical style used here. This drawing is by Bart Griffoen, and can easily be compared to the work he did for the PROFOUND-7" on Crucial Response. This thing here, was handed to me by Peter Hoeren. It was a sketch and Peters' supposed choice for the cover of the CHARLEY'S WAR 7". I might assume, not too many of my readers might remember this: there was some kind of quarrel about the layout of the 7". The infamous David "Speed" Strempel was wearing an AGNOSTIC FRONT-T-Shirt on the photo chosen for this 7". Apparently, Peter did not like that and chose to let this get retouched. Those were the days... Anyway, I asked Bart if he was okay with me using this thing for an ad, and it found it's way into the Step by Step-Fanzine of Sven Gagelmann. If you have not heard of that one, you will be seeing stuff here later on. Through Sven, I got to know not only himself, a strange but great mind and household name in early German-Straight Edge, but also other great guys like Uwe Korsch and Jan-Hendrik Meyer (aka Capt Cosmotic or Bassist for THUMB)... Vow, I am kinda impressed what goes along with one little ad! That's what this is about...
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