October 11, 2010

ACME-interview from HeartattaCk Issue 5

The following article gained latest recognition by getting mentioned in VISIONS-magazine 90s-HC-special. Gregor Iwanoff, ACME's drummer and person-in-charge (and drivin force of label Chrome Saint Magnus), said that this  interview has to blamed for the bands success in the US. I don't know exactly if that's true, and even might doubt that, but at least it might have contributed to their legacy.
The interview itself happened in a very "special" mood, let me say there was some weed involved on my part, but I was sober minded when writing down the stuff. All in all, it was a cozy setting in Gregor's parental home, and we shared a friendship bond at that time. So, it all was like very personal, and I think that shines through here. I remember Kent McClard saying, that he thought this interview was a let-down because of that aspect, I guess he expected abit more... Well, read for yourself.
In case you are interested in the rest of the issue, and other issues of HaC, check out http://www.operationphoenixrecords.com/archivespage.html

ACME - Interview, Hac #5


packfill said...

Other stuff on Acme, including an old interview from Tilt fanzine and one I did in the late 90s:

packfill said...

I think we've been introduced (some Mannheim Pfingstfest during the early Mafia-years) but that's all about knowing each other in person.

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