July 23, 2015

HAMMERHEAD "Die Everyone!"

This video is of course nothing I did myself. But I take part in it...You can see it...And you can listen other people tell about it in this video. What you can also see is, that by the time these interviews were done my hair-stylist was on holiday...

Well, did I help make this band popular? At least it is popular belief... and I am guilty of trying again and again. Yes, I really mentioned HAMMERHEAD in EVERY bit I delivered to Moses for ZAP. And I always dropped their name in every letter (!) written to another hardcore kid (!!). The fine thing is, that I don't have to explain the "why" here - you just have to watch this movie. You really have to! Because there never was and will be another band like HAMMERHEAD.

There was a very long time, that they were the one band I did see the most - only to be compared to INTRICATE. When I was a young kid with a bad haircut (you see, I got a history here), those two bands were my favorite thing to be around - so I traveled with 'em or following them like every other weekend. I got to love all the different parts of this scene in those days. Because like it is advertised: HAMMERHEAD are Hardcore-Punk!

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