August 7, 2013

A Twitter-transcipt of INTEGRITY's European Tour-Start 2013 a.D.

Due to the large success, I once again let you re-live my transmission from a show... it was quite one, although not as good as before (I am speaking of Orr-era, not Melnick-ing).
I edited and reworked the tweets for a better experience. Read for yourself:

OPTIMIST...if you like your traditional Ruhrpott-Metal to be stomping and moshy - there you go! Like the (sometimes) German vocals!

- OPTIMIST... 3rd song, was about time Kevin took his shirt off. An ugly smell of sweat is in the air...but I still very much enjoy "Weltenbrand"

- Unfortunately, no "Imbiss" around,but some Beef Jerkys and Barbecue-flavored crisps help overcome both: waiting for and hunger

- Someone is up now...I honestly don't care, and rather keep talking about Bundesliga, even when a Schalke-supporter is asking about how Westermann is doing with . WHAT SHOULD I SAY MORE? Three words: I don't care. For both

- Okay, skipped that, another one and then finally is up.

- I just couldn't resist to hang out at the Merch area for nostalgic reasons.nothing to spectacular happening, but even that is familiar

- are about to start this European Inquisition in a few moments, we will see how that fits into the last encounters. Doubtful, because of the crowd, with (only) a few familiar faces and a couple of diehards - but I am willing to be surprised

- Thanks to Adrian Brachman for having a time-
Someone did a video
killing conversation about 90s HC, working the Blue Collar way, vinyl and social ambitions. I could not care less for TV-series, Street Punk and ADOLESCENTS-records that seem to be hot topics in other groups around black still the color of choice in 2010s merch, or are we having a comeback here? What definitely (has) changed is, that not Punk people (there aren't any) but HC dudes bring their dogs. I'd rather see some kids,if you are about to show-off your Cocooning-style. Was a definite highlight conversation: talking about Baby-Car seats and stuff to (an) OPTIMIST

-'s starting NOW ...see ya in abit - or the pit!

- took it of with "Vocal Test" and "Hollow",a cacophony of sound melted into the overheated room, and after some then-&-now it lasted until "Diehard" and "Systems" until the crowd went crazy. They definitely weren't for the more Japanese-styled stuff, but when shifted into the slower part with "Dawn" and a dragging "Those who fear", the heat was yet again forgotten. Being at my usual spot at the left speakers helped bathing in a stream of inflictions, until an "Abraxas Annihalation" served for a perfect ending. Could have lived without the encore - even if that was some serious smashers like "Sarin".Only one missed was a "Lucifer before.." but got an harmonica instead. If this happens to be yet again the only show of the year, this was rightly so. Thanks,

- After some watching of loading and talks about Belgium beer, I headed home in a not overwhelmed way like after last tour, but satisfied

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